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52 Jomas Street (entrance from Smilsu Street), Jurmala, LV-2015
(+371) 29027775, 67764493 (
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Jurmala Tourism Bureau offers
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We offer guide services - in English, Russian, Latvian and other languages.

With Latvian tour operators we offer travels around the world and a rest on the South resorts.

Excursions around Latvia by coach
(We offer individual excursions by car, mini-bus or by foot!)




Brâďu kapu ansamblis
Brîvîbas piemineklis
Ekskursija pa Nacionâlo teâtri, no kura skatuves tika pasludinâta Latvijas neatkarîba!
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Schedule of excursions

  • Jurmala - the largest health-resort in the Baltic States (1-3 hours)
    – Jurmala history, Art-Noveau buildings of the beginning of the 20th century
    – Open-air Ethnographical Fishery museum
    – The pedestrian zone – Jomas Street
    – Íemeri National Park

  • Riga - the Capital of Latvia (4 hours)
    – Old and new Riga
    – Riga Art-Noveau architecture monuments
    – Dome Cathedral

  • Dome Cathedral (3 hours)
    – History of Dome Cathedral
    – Concert of organ music

  • The Open-Air Ethnographical Museum of Latvia (4 hours)
    – About 100 old wooden buildings from the 17th – 20th century

  • Sigulda - the Gauja National Park (8 hours)
    – Turaida Castle (the 13th century)
    – Gutmana Cave
    – Ruins of Sigulda Castle (the 13th century)

  • Cesis - the Gauja National Park (10 hours)
    – The Old and New Castles of Cesis
    – Cesis medieval town
    – Araisi – Lake-Fortress (the 9-10th century)

  • Rundale - The history of Kurzeme dukedom (1561-1795) (8 hours)
    – Rundale Palace (the 18th century, F.B.Rastrelli)
    – The mould of the Duke of Kurzeme in Jelgava Palace (the 18th century, the art of architect F.B.Rastrelli)

  • Kurzeme - “Kurzeme Switzerland” (10 hours)
    – Kandava town
    – Sabile town
    – Kuldiga town
    – Waterfalls on Venta rivers
    – Riezupe sand caves

  • Ventspils – the mightiest port of Latvia (10 hours)
    – Old Town, Centre
    – Ventspils Castle
    – Open-Air Sea-side Museum
    – Sailing the boat “Duke Jacob” along Venta River

  • Aglona – the Catholicism centre of Latgale (12 hours)



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